I didn’t get to watch the tennis yesterday. Instead, I spent the afternoon dealing with two fractious toddlers, both streaming with colds and equipped with the attention spans of fruit flies. Oh, and we had to stay indoors because of the poxy rain.

No matter what I tried – radio, TV, web – I couldn’t stay in touch with what promised to be a bit of sporting history.

As it turned out, it wasn’t all that historic, especially for us Brits who had dared to hope that Andy Murray could do the unthinkable and actually win on home turf.

So when I finally picked up the bad news, courtesy of the BBC Sports pages, I had to console myself with letting loose a font bomb to show my frustration.

It made me feel better instantly. So much so that I proceeded to spend the next hour font bombing all manner of sites that were giving me bad news. There were plenty to choose from…

Good, juvenile fun. Get yours at fontbomb.ilex.ca.

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