Regular readers will know that there’s one thing we always say is a great way to get started in any business: cut out the middleman.

Never was that more true than in the music industry, and the internet has served up ways to do it again and again. From MySpace to Spotify, the music industry must think that the web is out to get it.

And here’s one that should have the old-school A&R men running for the hills: is a way for artists to really connect with their fans, and with people who are looking to get into new music, and share their work with them without the need for management or record labels.

Music fans can then support the artists directly, by donating a few quid for the privilege of listening to the music available here.

If you’re at all serious about the noise you pump through your head, this is a great place to start exploring the musical roads less travelled by the multitude.

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