If you've already got your knickers in a twist about getting the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system from Google on your phone after the Google I/O announcement, then you'll probably explode at the news that Jelly Belly is launching a pair of Jelly Belly headphones for you to show your love for the sweets.

Expected to be available before Christmas, the new headphones will cost £14.99 and come in a range of colours to suit - don't panic, they aren't just available in pink and red.

The headphones themselves will also come with a Jelly Belly-shaped microphone for hands-free talking, and we've been told by the company behind the headphones that they won't smell of the Jelly Belly sweets like the iPhone cases it launched last year.

A quick play at an event in London, and the headphones sound great considering the price, although they don't match those custom fits or top-of-the-range Shure 'phones you are probably already rocking.

Still, with a cute design and bright colours, they should make for the perfect way to show you are rocking the latest version of Android, when of course you do eventually get it.