In just over three weeks, the eyes of the world will be on London, and for those of us who live and work in this fine city, there are a few concerns.

Travel chaos, overcrowding, crime. And that’s just the Jubilee line…

But those of us with some civic pride are also worried about how the millions of extra visitors are going to get the most out of this vibrant, eclectic city.

Perhaps can help out.

It’s an award-winning new beta site that presents options for a good night out based on some very simple selectable criteria.

Once you’ve told it what you want, it scurries off into the online wilderness to find suggestions for your perfect outing. It apparently uses the same algorithms as the Mars Pathfinder (?!) so finding a bar with room for six people within walking distance of Marylebone Station shouldn’t present too much of a challenge for it.

Our only grumble is that the advanced search option brings up only one more category. Arguably it’s the most important one as it saves you having to filter out all the theatre suggestions and trips to the zoo that will invariably pop up in your results. Why not just make it one of the normal options?

A quick fix that would make this site just about the most useful London-centric bookmark we’ve seen in a while.

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