Once upon a time, somebody said: “This mobile phone thing. I reckon we can do it better…”

And Giffgaff was born not long afterwards.

It’s a simple enough idea that’s worked quite well, so now the people at Giffgaff have set up dothisbetter.co.uk, an initiative to find all those other things that we see everyday and think, “That can’t be the best way, can it…?”

Once upon a (different) time, a commercial pilot got bored of lugging his case from terminal, to taxi, to hotel, back to taxi, back to terminal. So he put some wheels on his case, and now you can’t move with out literally tripping over wheelie cases wherever you go. When’s the last time you actually saw somebody carrying a suitcase?

So if you look at the world and want to make it better, even if it’s only a small thing that you think nobody else has noticed, stickit up here and see what happens. Giffgaff is keen to explore all options, and one day you might be able to tell your grandchildren: “I thought of that…”

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