You like looking at things online, don't you? No not those things – this is a family site. 

But you appreciate good web content when you see it, don’t you?

We do. Some of us are even lucky enough to get paid to look at it. That’s a nice bonus – getting paid. And that’s exactly what those clever web developers whose work you appreciate can do using

By adding a Flattr button to a site, this allows users to donate a little bit of cash to support the good work being done.

Users open an account and decide how much they want to spend. Then every time they see something they like with a Flattr button they can click on it and the people behind the site get a little bit of cash.

For the web to keep evolving it’s this kind of investment that’s sorely needed. Otherwise there’s a risk that only the big, faceless corporates will be the ones with the resources to do the nifty stuff.

We wholeheartedly approve.

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