When’s the last time you posted something? An hour ago? A few minutes? Maybe even a few seconds?

But when’s the last time you actually, physically posted something? Wrote something on a piece of paper or card, stuck it in an envelope and put the Queen's head on it? Your Mum’s birthday? Father’s Day? A holiday postcard perhaps?

Yep, the word “post” has been hijacked, according to welcometoreal.co.uk, who describe themselves as “the physical network”. And they want it back.

They’re getting their users to post things to plots that can be viewed online, These plots are physical spaces where everything that’s posted is put on display.

It’s a fun and unusual idea and you can still get involved if you want to. You can apply for a plot and maybe start sharing your physical life with people in a virtual world.

Just remember the very real cost of posting things these days – we were shocked when we looked at the price of stamps…

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