Today we are discussing the building blocks of life.

No not DNA, carbon atoms, charged particles or any other frankly inferior kind of building block.

We are, of course, discussing Lego.

We are fans.

You probably know this already, and it’s fair to say we reckon most of you probably will be fans too, so should appeal to many of you.

This, quite simply, is the largest Lego set in the world. With a little help from Google, naturally.

You can build your house, monument or random 3D object on any of thousands of plots chosen from on a map of Australia and New Zealand (the rest of the world has to wait).

Then you simply build, using your mouse to control the bricks.

This is easily the best site we’ve seen in ages and we’ve already spent way too much time building our own little Lego empires.

Our apologies to bosses all over the world – productivity is about to take a nosedive…

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