BlackBerry 10 specs reveal both touchscreen and Qwerty devices planned

Details have emerged of what we can expect from RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 devices, after an internal document naming the BlackBerry L-series and BlackBerry N-series was leaked.

The BlackBerry L-series refers to the new operating system's touchscreen devices, while the N-Series will sport RIM’s trademark Qwerty keyboard. 

The document also states that the BlackBerry L-series will have a 768x1280 screen resolution, will measure 55mm wide and have a 356 PPI. In contrast, the N-series, as well as a physical keyboard will have a 720x720 screen resolution, be between 52-53mm wide and have a 330 PPI.

If the specs prove true, the BlackBerry L-series screen will have a higher pixel density than either the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S III. Pocket-lint has already been wooed by the BlackBerry 10’s screen having played with a Dev Alpha device at BlackBerry World in May

RIM recently said that the first BlackBerry 10 device would be a touchscreen only device, but that Qwerty keyboards would be following.

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