It’s done.

It’s finished.

The dream is over. At least for another four years.

The England football team are flying home today after losing to Italy last night in Kiev. But even the most diehard England fan would have to admit that it was probably the right result. In footballing terms, at least.

If you look at the stats for the game it was all a bit one-sided, and when even the commentary teams and pundits on the BBC are saying so, you know the right side won on the night.

But Euro 2012 continues, and it’s not looking like there’s a clear favourite. So, if you’re still looking to have a flutter on the outcome, you might need some guidance.

At they claim to publish “scientific” predictions for the big games, and if you look at their recent results, their advice might be worth following.

More stats that even the worst kind of pub bore could absorb will make this an essential site of all armchair pundits and lovers of the beautiful game.

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