Apologies in advance for a very London-centric recommendation today, but what with the world and his wife and his kids descending on our nation’s capital, we hope you’ll excuse it. Just this once.

Takeaway food in London isn’t all that difficult to find. You’ve got your global chains like McDonalds, Subway and KFC, obviously. And there's your local independents too.

Finding good takeaway food however is a very different prospect.

Unless you’re local, it’s pot luck. In some of the kebab shops that really could be an elephant’s leg on the spit, and there are entire neighbourhoods where you will never see any cats…

But there’s now an alternative, thanks to housebites.com, a site that’s “re-inventing takeaway”.

It’s a great idea: you type in your postcode and the site tells you which chefs are cooking in your area. You can see what they specialise in and make your choices. Your food then comes to your door for the same price as your local pizza would.

We love this, simply because it means busy Londoners can now get decent food, freshly prepared, for the same price as the usual old stodge.

And if you’re heading to our fine city this summer (millions of you are, after all) bookmark it now.

This could be your only ticket to a decent meal while you’re staying here…

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