No, not a subversive pop at the Olympics (as far as we can tell, anyway, but we’ve not been playing that long), but a re-launched version of the browser game Echo Bazaar.

It’s the murky, Gothic tale of the City of London dragged into the underworld and it’s been re-launched without the need to log in through Facebook or Twitter. You can still use your social accounts, and arguably the game is enhanced if you do, as you can interact with your friends in the game. But a simple email sign-up now means that anybody can play and get totally absorbed by the twisted storytelling and seemingly limitless ways to steer your character through the game play.

It’s dark, it’s twisted and it’s horribly addictive. It’s also quite funny, with a cheeky tone of voice that harks back to Dickensian London, with a hint of alternative comedy thrown in

We love it. Sign up at

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