Every action, apart from having an equal and opposite reaction (just to keep the physics crowd happy), has an outcome.

But what that outcome actually is can be affected by certain conditions.

If you’re able to determine and control those conditions, you can make the outcome whatever you want it to be.

Simple, eh?

Well, now somebody has taken that idea and applied it to the tools and services we all use online every day.

ifttt.com identifies “tasks” that lead to “triggers” that in turn lead to “actions”. When you combine this with the idea of "channels" – Facebook, Twitter, etc - the outcomes can make your online life a lot easier.

For example: if you take a picture on Instagram, that’s the task. That triggers the action, which is to save that image automatically to your Dropbox. The outcome is that you can see all your arty smartphone pictures on any connected screen. This is what they call a “recipe”.

There are already loads of recipes to flick through on this beta version, and when you see the channels that are included, you’ll start to see the potential for this one.

Your online life, might've just taken a big step forward…

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