Whether you’re toasting success or drowning your sorrows, nothing goes with the beautiful game like a couple of beers. And possibly a bag of pig snacks.

Footy and beer have always been good mates, but when they started to control the flow of alcohol at live games a few years back, the action moved to the pub. Screens started popping up in locals the world over and now, it’s hard not to see a bit of the game when you’re having a cheeky pint.

But that doesn't mean because a pub has a screen it’s a good place to watch football.

With Euro 2012 in full swing, you might be looking for the perfect venue to kick back with a few mates and sink a few while you critique the relative merits of the Ukrainian back four.

If that’s the case, try matchpint.co.uk, a handy site that will tell you where your nearest pub showing the game you want is located.


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