Three words that, these days at least, might fill you with a slight sense of world-weary dread:




Usually these words are followed by a lame video of a cat falling off a kitchen counter, or a spoof movie trailer, or maybe even just a pithy piece of social commentary ripped from a blog.

But in the context of, you might be prepared to forgive them.

Take a little bit of Amazon, throw in a bit of Facebook and round it off with a liberal sprinkling of Quidco and you have the recipe to make finding and sharing stuff you like a bit more rewarding.

This is something you don’t really need to change your habits for either. Simply share the things you take a fancy to while you’re shopping and you make money. Your mates get good deals on what you’re sharing and you all get to shop at some of the biggest names, not just bucket-shop nobodies.

There’s not really a downside that we can see to this one.

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