Once upon a time, football was played by men called Stanley and Arthur. They wore long, baggy shorts and Brylcreem in their hair. They kicked ball as heavy as a Mini Cooper and celebrated their goals with a simple, modest wave. They stood for fair play and pride in their local team. They earned a fiver a week, if they were lucky.

My, how things’ve changed.

Now, the Didiers and Lionels earn more than the GDP of a medium-sized Baltic state and do back flips when they “win” a penalty. They are traded like a commodity, and like any commodity, it’s all about the numbers.

Statistics rule football these days, and as Euro 2012 kicks off, squawka.com comes along with a simply awesome web app that will take your Stato credentials into the Premier League.

On a single screen you can see every possible piece of info about any given player and game. It’s fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook and you’ll get the latest scores and analysis. You’ll get team line-ups and even the odds on every aspect of the game if you fancy trying to make a few quid at the bookies.

This is the kind of on-screen weapon any wannabe pundit should arm themselves with.

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