We are approaching a time when there will be nobody left to tell us firsthand the tales of derring-do from the Second World War.

Sadly, we lost the last of the Great War veterans earlier this year, and with them went the living legacy of memories of that tragic conflict.

All we have now is recorded history and companies like greatwarjourneys.com.

Visiting sites still scarred by a war that claimed millions of lives almost a century ago certainly won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. But without ventures like this, we run the risk of forgetting about the sacrifices and suffering that have made the world the place it is today. It's not morbid to remember, and for many people who've made the trip to sites of conflict, it's brought a greater understanding of what their forebears went through.

These trips take in some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe, and you’ll learn a lot about 20th-century history while you travel.

Another poignant section of this site is the virtual poppy field, where people share their memories of those touched by the Great War.

Moving stuff.

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