How do you decide what films to watch? Do you go by what the papers say? Or what they write in specialist film magazines? Maybe you follow sites like Rotten Tomatoes or

The ratings in IMDB, Netflix or even at Blockbuster will give you an idea of what people are liking at any given moment.

But many filmgoers will always go on personal recommendations. Your mates aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they think.

It’s a similar idea at, a fresh new way to share what you think about film and find out what people are recommending.

You simply start keeping a film diary and then review the films you watch.

These reviews will appear to other users and you can quickly start to get past the Hollywood hype to see what’s really worth seeing. You can also follow your friends through social media to see what they’re rating.

You don’t need to pull any punches, judging by some of the reviews here, so you’ll get honest, no-nonsense opinions to help you make your choices.

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