If you’re sitting at your desk, half dreading the drudgery of the week that stretches out in front of you, it’s possible that you've thought there could be something more constructive you could be doing while you sit there.

Well, now there is.

At wewatt.be you can see the WeBike, a clever pod of next-generation static bikes that let you work and pedal at the same time.

Think how those boring one-to-ones with your boss could be livened up with a bit of healthy competition and gentle exercise.

All the while you’re pedalling, you’re generating energy, which can go into reducing your office energy consumption.

In theory, that means they’ll have more money to pay you. Right?

Okay, so that might not be how it works out, especially as these things cost around £8k per pod.

But, you will get some gentle exercise and that’s got to be a good use of anybody’s office time.

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