Square Enix, the publisher behind the Final Fantasy series and the new Tomb Raider, due out in 2013, has revealed a real-time technical demonstration of what will be possible for the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Dubbed Agni's Philosophy, the demo has been produced with new software Square Enix is calling the Luminous Studio engine which, as the video shows, can let the developers create fantastically detailed graphics for gamers to enjoy.

"The fine details of the characters, who express life-like humanity, are showcased through their rich facial expressions, subtleties of their pupils and hair, and their brilliantly flowing garments," explains the publisher. "The characters, along with the vibrant monsters, transport the viewer into the world created by the Luminous Studio engine." 

If the characters in the demo look familiar, it is because Square Enix has turned to the Final Fantasy series for inspiration.

"It has been shot through the lens of the Final Fantasy series," Square Enix informs us.

The video and photos depict a life-changing encounter for our heroine, the magic-wielding protagonist Agni.