Video calling was once pure science fiction. Even in recent years when the capability became almost commonplace, the experience often left much to be desired.

It’s fair to say that those days are now long gone.

Skype, Facetime, KuluValley, Tango, Facebook – the choice of suppliers is almost limitless, but a new kid on the block,, sets out a slightly different proposition.

Bringing together video calling and sharing of content means you get to see what your friends make of what you’re showing them.

You might remember that famous viral of a couple of years ago showing people’s reactions to a particularly nasty online clip (yes, the one with the name you can’t even mention without getting into trouble).

With Airtime, you can have the same, ahem, fun. Your choice of clips to share is obviously a bit more suitable though, what with this linking directly to your Facebook account.

Time to work on your poker faces people.

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