A few weeks ago, a story started to surface that claimed a couple of members of the floppy-haired boy band One Direction were worried about having contracted chlamydia.

From koalas.

I know. It’s shocking isn’t it?

Those poor, doe-eyed fuzzy little critters were forced to take part in photoshoots with a boy band.

If they did pass on what’s euphemistically referred to these days as a “social infection”, you might not necessarily blame them (the koalas), or even struggle to drum up any sympathy (for the "singers").

One other thing that the koalas have proved useful for recently, apart from torturing a bunch of over-styled karaoke warblers, is koalastothemax.com, a wonderfully engaging little display of how digital imagery essentially works.

Take a dot and split it into four, then split each again and again.

The script splits the dots into different colours and the result is a picture.

We love this, and have found ourselves doing it more than just once to watch it unfold.

Koalas are officially our new favourite animals. For at least two reasons.

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