Nintendo has just announced it will be offering a new controller for its upcoming next -generation games console. The Wii U Pro Controller will allow the Wii U to ake on the Xbox 360 head-to-head in the hardcore gaming arena. It adds an option that will give gamers no excuse to slam the new machine for ignoring more traditional style gameplay.

Rather than having to use the new Wii U Gamepad, the Wii Nunchuck or Wii Remote (both of which are also compatible with the new console), the Wii U Pro Controller offers a more traditional looking gamepad - and, dare we say it, like an Xbox 360 one? - for a more traditional way of gaming.

Details on how much and when it will be available are still sketchy. However, it should make playing traditional games a lot easier, rather having to wave your arms around like you are shaking a Polaroid picture.

It is also worth noting that the console will be available in black as well, according to the promotional video the company showed.

We also expect a flood of other Wii U accessories over time. And don't throw away that Balance Board just yet - it also works with the new Nintendo machine.

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