With the incredible increase in sales of smartphones in recent years, it’s no wonder that a lot of companies have spent vast amounts of time, money and effort transposing their web content over to the world of apps.

It’s not too often that you see it done the other way round, but that’s exactly what’s happened at taptu.com.

Taptu has been around on mobiles and tablets for a while, with apps for all the big operating systems. It allows you to “DJ” your news feeds, which means you can mix and meddle with your sources of news to can get just the right blend to suit your appetites.

With this new web-based version, you can keep up to date with everything you like while you’re at your desk, too.

This is another brilliant way to keep up with all the top-quality news sources available online. Like, oh, I don’t know… Pocket-lint maybe? (Yes, you’ll find us on here…)

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