Here’s a picture story that really cheered us up yesterday. We were all feeling a bit, sort of, you know … Monday … and this arrived just in time.

It’s a simply brilliant work of modern art from the photographer Tadao Cern, and you’ll find it in all its glory at his website, unsurprisingly called

But that’s possibly the only thing that’s unsurprising about this raw new talent from Lithuania.

He asked for people to sit for portraits and then blasted them in the face with an industrial hairdryer. (Not sure what industrial hair actually looks like, mind you...)

The results are simply awesome and what surprised even the artist was just how many people wanted to do it.

And the best bit? He doesn’t wax lyrical about any hidden meanings or tortured metaphors with this work. Ask him why he did and he’ll tell you: “Because I thought it’d be funny”

And he’s right. It is.

If this doesn’t cheer you up, we’re not sure what will. All his work shows a rich vein of humour and we really like it.

Just make sure you use the link above to view it though. If you go looking for this set of pictures at work, you might get your IT department in a bit of a tiz.

It’s called Blow Job.

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