Drivers of the new BMW 5-Series can now choose from four different designs as to how their instrument panel looks.

The four different modes all feature the same four circular gauges, with additional information sitting between the two larger ones, but drivers can decide on what information each dial forecasts.

Alongside the standard mode, drivers of the BMW 5-Series can choose from Comfort mode, Eco Pro and Sport. Each mode has it’s own style while all four modes sit on top of BMW’s Black Panel technology display.

Sport mode, for example, displays the speed digitally in the centre of the left-hand gauge as you look at it, while the gear you’re using is in view in the middle of the rev counter on the right-hand side.

However, switch into Eco Pro mode and the rev counter becomes an EfficientDynamics display that monitors how economically the car is being driven.

What do you think to BMW's 5-series customisable driving panel? Are you impressed?

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