They used to say that money made the world go round. Alas, nobody has any money any more so it must be something else.

We reckon it could well be the opposing forces of differing opinions that keeps the world on an even keel.

How dull would it be if we all agreed on everything all the time?

What if we all thought the Jubilee was the most amazing celebration ever and that we should all be very proud of our Liz’s 60 years in power? And what if we all thought that the Olympics were worth every single penny of the projected £24billion they might end up costing?

See? Dull.

If you want to see the art of arguing being practised by two of the best in the business, then look no further than

Here, two writers of some note discuss the issues that really matter, but from polar opposite points of view.

These are hugely entertaining exchanges and will keep you company if you’re stuck in the office on this last day of the week.

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