The way we’re carrying on as a species, you’d think there was another Earth sitting around somewhere, still in its bubble wrap, waiting for the time when we’ve finished wrecking this planet and need a new one.

This probably won’t come as news to most of you, but there isn’t. (We’ve checked).

Regardless of what you think about global warming and its causes, we are still using up this little green planet’s natural resources with voracious glee and an almost wilful disregard for what might happen next.

With, the World Wildlife Fund is asking us to stop for even just a moment, take a look around and enjoy what we have. And then they want us to tell them our stories of how we all interact with nature.

It’s all set to coincide with Earth Summit on 20 June, where WWF will present their Living Planet report. It makes sobering reading: “We are using 50 per cent more resources than the earth can provide and by 2025 even two planets will not be enough…”

So have a think about your little bit of the world and maybe take a few moments to become part of Earth Book 2012.

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