If you’re a big, globe-spanning corporate, how do you use social media? In the traditional set-up, you’ll probably have an account on all of the major networks to promote your products and services. You might even employ somebody to keep an eye on your reputation. It’s possible that you employ somebody else to interact with your customers, and maybe even your detractors, through social media.

But, in the traditional set-up, what you probably don’t do is actively encourage your thousands of employees to go out into the various social streams to see what they can find. You can't have all your people running around having fun now, can you?

That is, unless you’re Intel.

At iq.intel.com you can see what happens when one of the biggest companies on the planet takes employee engagement into a new era, with an online magazine curated by its workers, with a large proportion of the content coming from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the all the others.

This really is a new approach, and is a template that many other big businesses might look to emulate.

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