Before we start, here’s your style pointer for the day: go to where you keep your coats. Pick up your waterproof jacket. Put it on. Zip it up all the way. Resume reading.

Yes, dear readers, we are going on a journey to where only the true gaming anorak can go – the deepest darkest corners of gaming trivia, with our able guides at

Here you will find some of the quirkiest snippets of gaming folklore, perfect for when you find yourself in a pub quiz (if you ever leave the house, of course) or when you are in that natural home of geek street cred and one-upmanship – the online forum.

We love this simple, yet informative Tumblr blog, and it’s even taught our resident gaming experts a thing or two (although they won’t admit it).

Early days for this one, but if you want to out-geek the true gamers, it’s worth a bookmark now.

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