How often do you lend your mates money? Quite often? Good on you if you do. It’s what friends are for.

And what did they do with the money? Buy a round of drinks? A CD maybe? Do you really care?

Possibly not. But at you could actually change somebody’s life forever, by lending them a few quid.

It’s a fantastic scheme, run with help from the Co-operative that lets those people "with" help those without.

You can lend as little or as much as you like and it will go towards a fund to help somebody in the developing world to get their life on track. It might be a start-up loan for a business, or cash to rebuild a workshop.

A few pennies here can make a massive difference there.

These aren’t hand-outs though; these are loans and the recipients are entrepreneurs in the very purest sense of the word. These are people who are trying to make things better for themselves, their families and communities, and all they ask is the price of a round of drinks to get them started.

And the best bit? You get your money back.

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