If you’re in the UK this summer, you’re going to see lots of things.

You’re going to see the pomp and ceremony as we celebrate a massive royal occasion. (We do those rather well.)

You’re going to see the eyes of the world focused on our capital city as the greatest sporting occasion on the planet comes to these shores. (Remains to see how we’ll do with that one.)

You’ll see all that our green and pleasant land has to offer, which is a real treat when the weather holds. (We offer no guarantees whatsoever on that one I’m afraid.)

What you won’t see so much of any more, and more’s the pity, is some of the iconic and classic designs that have adorned our streets for generations,

Our beloved Routemaster buses are only seen ferrying wedding guests around these days and the humble red telephone box is now a treasured collectible.

One group probably quite glad of that is Childline, the charity set up 25 years ago to help children with nowhere else to turn. For a quarter of a century, kids in trouble have been able pick up a phone and get straight through to somebody who would listen, no matter what.

At btartbox.com they’re celebrating that 25 years of support for the vulnerable by getting artists to decorate the old BT phone boxes.

They’re design classics in their original state, but these are now true works of art. They’ll be auctioned off to raise funds for Childline and they’ll be dotted around the city during the busy summer ahead. 

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