With summer just around the corner (allegedly) TDK has wasted no time in unveiling its range of portable audio products, great for annoying the neighbours with those outdoor BBQs you have.

TDK has introduced five products to its Life on Record range, all of which are compatible with the iPod, iPhone and any smartphone that sports a 3.5mm headphone jack.

With its folding design and svelte features, the App-Enhanced Rechargeable Travel Speaker can be tucked away in a picnic hamper for a day out while the built-in rechargeable battery should ensure you don’t run out of juice before sunset.

Take the device back home and using the various alarm clock apps you’ll able to select what dulcet tunes to wake up to.

Retailers will be selling the App-Enhanced Rechargeable Travel Speaker for £84.99.

The TAC App-Enhanced Portable Stereo Speaker is more suited for the home rather than lugging around in a bag. This is due partly to its delicate concave speakers, though it’s light enough to move from room to room with a hidden handle to assist you. There’s a built-in FM radio as well as an alarm clock.

The TDK App-Enhanced Portable Stereo Speaker will cost around £69.99.

Slightly smaller than the App-Enhanced Rechargeable Travel Speakers, but with a smaller price too, the Ultra-Portable Travel Speaker can again be used as an alarm clock or as a boom box. With a universal line-in jack, devices with a 3.5mm headset jack can be hooked up to the device, as well as any iPod or iPhone.

The TDK Ultra-Portable Travel Speaker is available from selective retailers for around £59.99.

What’s the most important thing on an alarm clock? The snooze button of course. Well the TAC4221 Dual Charging Alarm clock has a snooze mode, sleep function and a dimmer. As for the alarm functionality, choose between the FM radio or any tunes you have stored on your iPhone and iPod.

With an additional USB port you can charge a second device as well as your iPhone or iPod.

Various retailers are selling the TDK Dual Charging Alarm Clock for around £69.99.

Smaller than the Dual Charging Alarm Clock, the Space Saving Alarm Clock offers the same functionality only with not as much vigour. That said, you can still wake up to a preset track on your smartphone, use the FM radio app or simply choose from a range of wake-up calls.

And yes that all important sleep mode’s there too. The TDK Space Saving Alarm Clock will set you back around £49.99.

All of TDK's Life on Record range is available to buy now.

What do you think to TDK's portable audio range? Will you be buying any?

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