If your weekend started like ours, with a cursory glance at the TV schedules just to confirm that there really was absolutely naff all on, you might’ve done what we did.

We ignored the crappy karaoke and the dancing dogs (literally) and instead plunged into the glories of modern gaming.

A couple of us got back into full-on, pumped-up, high-fiving, hard-shooting Call of Duty mode. What with the next instalment being teased already, we felt it was time to brush up and do some prep work for the next chapter.

And that’s when this surfaced, as if to remind us that all good things have a logical starting point, and Wolfenstein 3D was almost certainly it for the first-person shooter. It defined the genre and it's hard to believe it's been two decades since it did. 

At wolfenstein.bethsoft.com you can play stalk the halls and kill the Nazis, just like you could 20 years ago when this game first hit screens.

For those of you too young to remember, it’s a valuable history lesson. For those old enough to have played it the first time round, be ready for a serious blast of nostalgia.

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