Ask Apple’s speech-recognition software Sir  what the best smartphone ever is, and the answer would surely be its own champion handset the iPhone 4S, right? 

Wrong! According to Siri the answer is the Nokia Lumia 900, at the time of writing at least. Go on, try it for yourselves.

Siri’s answers are actually based on results from search engine Wolfram Alpha, which itself takes information from user reviews.

With the Nokia Lumia 900 recently having been launched, it’s perhaps understandable it has so many hits.

That said, we’re sure the folks at Apple won’t be best pleased to hear it’s software is advising people to look elsewhere.

The Nokia Lumia 900 was launched with a huge lightshow in New York’s Times Square in April. 

A white version of the Windows Phone is actually already in stock UK branches of Phones 4u, though its arrival has been far more low-key after some confusion to the official on-sale date.

UPDATE - And just like that Apple appears to have had stern words with Siri who now answers the same question with the much more dutiful answer "The one you're holding". Well it was fun while it lasted.

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