Finding somewhere decent to stay is one of the hardest tasks in life. Whether you’re looking for a room for a night, a villa for a week in the sun, or somewhere to stay for a few months, finding your perfect pad can be a time-consuming and ultimately fruitless exercise.

The mad thing is that there are thousands of people with decent accommodation to rent. It’s just finding them that’s the challenge.

With that might have just got a bit easier.

Tell it where you want to stay and it will search through its database of hosts to see if there’s anything on the books.

Anybody can be a host and rent out their space, be it a whole house, a room or even just their sofabed, and as a guest you’re likely to get to know where your staying so much better with a local as your guide.

It might not be everybody’s idea of a holiday, but if you’re an adventurous spirit, this might be of interest.

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