The posters have been bugging me for weeks. I’ve seen them every day at Charing Cross Tube station.

But I have stood firm.

I have resisted.

I have not let advertising work on me. No. That cannot happen. I am stronger than those weak-minded fools who think that getting a gorilla to play the drums would make me buy more chocolate, or that a talking Russian meerkat would make me buy my car insurance somewhere new.

It won’t work.


But those posters. Just three words: work, shop, play. Damn them, I had to look.

Turns out that  is quite an interesting little site, very cleverly marketed. But then that’s what you’d expect from experts in outdoor advertising. 

It’s an online panel, where you take part in surveys and get rewarded for your opinions. CBS Outdoor is crowd-sourcing information that will help it to shape the marketing strategies of some of the biggest brands. And if you sign up, you get to cash in.

This is the kind of market research scheme that's been taking place for years, but you always had to be “in the know” to take part.

Not any more. Now we can all get something back for offering up our two-penn'orth.

Still, kicking myself for letting the adman get the better of me though…

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