When’s the last time you just took a moment, stopped where you were and looked up? It’s something we probably all did a lot more of when we were younger, before the everyday distractions of adulthood got in the way of simply enjoying things because they are enjoyable.

But looking up at the sky and seeing shapes in the clouds is a universal thing, especially if cloudappreciationsociety.org is anything to go by.

In recent weeks, thousands upon thousands of ordinary people have joined up, simply to show that they too like to look to the skies and see beauty in the everyday. They’ve now even made a bestselling book about clouds that look like “other things”.

It’s a romantic notion that strikes a chord in this hectic world and is the perfect antidote to a rather dreary Wednesday during the wettest spring in years.

On the bright side though, that does mean there are plenty of clouds to look at…

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