Here’s one that’s been making waves over the past few days, on Twitter especially, with music fans the world over getting a bit hot under the collar as John Peel’s music collection was published online. And we’re only talking about the “A’s”.

Apparently, some people felt he shouldn’t have had Abba in his collection, among other pop oddities. As far as we are concerned, the great man could listen to whatever the hell he liked – he could do no wrong in our ears.

Today we discover what the “B” part of his collection has in store, and we’re only finding out about any of it thanks to Arts Council England and the BBC.

At these two venerable organisations are trying to bring the arts to a wider, more digitally savvy audience.

It’s a brilliant, media-rich, interactive site – nothing like anything you’ve seen for the traditional arts sector before.

It’s running as a pilot until October and is well worth bookmarking - if for nothing other than Mr Peel’s eclectic posthumous recommendations. That’s what this list should be seen as.

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