To say the internet tends towards being quite large is akin to saying glaciers tend to be a bit chilly and Pamela Anderson tends to sleep on her back a lot.

It’s huge, bordering on immeasurable now, so it’s odd that when you search for something using Google, often the same dozen or so sources will be brought forward.

It’s no secret; some sources are elevated up the results rankings through optimisation, so you’re more likely to land at, say, Wikipedia than at a more specialist and possibly more accurate web page.

Until now.

By using you remove the most popular million pages, and you get to the raw, undiluted internet.

The thought that you can take away a million results and still find the information you’re looking for is quite staggering isn’t it?

But this is a brilliant way to explore the lesser travelled internet, the sort of off-Broadway experimental web.

We approve.

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