My wife always knows when I’ve been cooking. The kitchen’s upside down, the smoke detector is blaring and the dog is cowering under the stairs. Oh, and the stereo is cranked up to full volume - not just to drown out the smoke alarm though.

I love music when I cook, and the meal dictates the mood. A bit of uplifting dance music when it’s time to chop a salad. Maybe some classical for the Sunday roast. And yes, Michael Jackson’s Beat It for an omelette.

It seems I'm not alone in thinking that either, as the people at Lurpak (yes, them what brought us the little trombone playing butter man) and LastFM have got together and made a really nifty little site.

At you type in what you’re cooking and how long you’re cooking for and off it goes to compile the perfect playlist to accompany your culinary flourishes.

Music and food have always gone well together, and now you don’t even have to do the mixing.

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