We're not sure who it was first suggested that time is an abstract concept, but even they would probably be a bit gobsmacked by www.standard-time.com.

It's a new twist on an old favourite: the screensaver clock.

We've had the handwritten one, the humanclock.com one and the even one that tells you how wrong your own clock is.

Now we have the hand-built-out-of-planks-of-wood one, and plenty impressive it is too.

The numbers are made up of strips of wood and a team of burly blokes comes along and rearranges them every minute.

They do it in the dark, they do it all day.

Wonderful stuff, and you will find yourself watching in wonder as they approach the change of the hour.

We don't know if this is truly abstract (we all skipped art theory at school) but it's definitely time as we've never seen it before, just as the artist behind it intended.

The clock itself is now a downloadable app for iOS. This was doing the rounds on Twitter earlier this week but this is where you can get the full version.

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