If you're a regular user of the public transport system in London, you might've received an email in the past couple of days, pointing you towards www.getaheadofthegames.com.

It's TFL's handy new website giving advice to visitors and Londoners alike about what to expect during the Olympics.

For the average commuter, its contents make grim reading. Travelling in London during the Games is going to be nothing short of a nightmare. The system which creaks under the normal weight of passengers every day is going to have to cope with millions of extra pairs of feet when the torch finally arrives in the East End.

The site itself is extremely useful. It tells you where the hot spots are going to be (that's pretty much any mainline station and most of the major Tube interchanges) and suggests viable alternatives.

For visitors, especially those not familiar with the sprawling, labyrinthine network, it will prove invaluable.

For us regulars, it might be the only source of information to help us get through the working week.

With a bit of luck it will ease the strain, and we hope that London's trains, Tubes, buses and boats are up to the job.

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