Every now and again we ask you to consider a charity site in this section of Pocket Lint. You see, we like to support good causes whenever we can.

But in these "times of austerity" (ie, we're all a bit skint) it's becoming harder and harder to spare those few pennies to show your support.

And that's exactly why www.goodwillexchange.co.uk is such a well-timed and brilliant idea.

The one thing that many of us can always spare is a little time. But here, they're not looking for people to stuff envelopes or put up trestle tables at the local charity bake sale. No, what they want is for qualified, professional people to share their skills in a meaningful way.

Smaller charities are seriously struggling, so maintaining their operations would be a lot easier if they could call on a force of highly skilled, motivated and, above all, free of charge workers. Perhaps you're a high-flying lawyer. You'd be surprised at how many charitable organisations really need quality legal advice on a daily basis. Or maybe you're a builder - charities' buildings need just as much maintenance and repair as anybody else's. Accountants, architects, copywriters, graphic designers, IT specialists, PAs, plumbers - they want you.

Once registered, Goodwill Exchange will introduce you to a good cause that can make good use of your time and expertise.

Volunteering is the only way that so many charities survive, and it's never been more important to give it a go.

If you have a useful, funny, or just plain weird website that you want to tell us about, drop us a line using our feedback form.