Another of those clever Chrome Experiments that surface from time to time, takes Google Maps into a whole new area – gaming.

Imagine your favourite cities arranged on the sides of a cube. Then, using your cursor, you have to navigate your way through various challenges. The cube spins in 3D, and the movement guides your little “ball" through streets, paths and along railway lines. It’s about as good a time waster as we’ve seen in ages.

But it’s also a great way for Google to show off just how powerful and useful its Maps suite has become. Many of us will now navigate our way through our busy days with Google's help and not even realise it. Its applications are countless.

The challenges vary based on traffic conditions, whether you’re driving or cycling and also test your knowledge on how best to navigate public transport networks.

This will keep you busy on a dreary old Monday and if your boss asks what you’re up to, you can just say you’re planning your route to your next meeting. Or something.


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