The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 ebbs ever closer, so the Pocket-lint team looks at some of the latest information coming from Korea and jumps to a startling conclusion... Remember, you heard it here first!

Plus, our intrepid reporter returns from a week with HTC in the US, looking at the design of the company's future products and chats about the smartphone manufacturer's chances for a spectacular comeback. And, with so much happening in the world of the cloud, including the launch of Google Drive, the Linters wonder if there's a need for so many remote storage offerings.

Hunter Skipworth also talks about his exploits cycling 175km across Greek hills with English sporting legends Laurence Dallaglio, Freddie Flintoff and Lee Dixon, all for charideee.

Editor of news and ex-Gamesmaster telly presenter Rik Henderson is joined in the tech tittle-tattle by owner and grand poo-bah of Pocket-lint, Stuart Miles and contributing editor Danny Brogan.

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To find out more about Cycle Slam and Hunter's gruelling journey, check out his report here. And, he also reviews the £1,499 bike he used on the trek here.

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