Virgin Atlantic is offering a try before you buy approach to its Upper Class Cabin. 

Planeview provides a virtual tour of its exclusive suite with a series of YouTube videos – there are 40 in total - giving you an insight into what you get for your buck.

It's akin to Google Street View, only on an aircraft.

You’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, check what kind of in-flight entertainment you can expect or take a peek at the spacious bed where you’ll be able to catch some ZZZs.

Let’s be honest, the majority of us will just use Planeview as a sneak peek into how the other half lives, but it’s an innovative way of Virgin Atlantic showcasing what it has to offer.

At a cost of £100 million it’s little surprise that the airline wants to indulge in a little showmanship.

You can take the virtual tour of Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class Cabin by visiting

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