Prototype 2 comes out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 24 April and to celebrate, publisher Activision is staging what it claims to be the world's first over-18 live advert in London this Sunday.

The event, which is planned to happen after the 9pm watershed, will feature actors playing the parts of the game's new protagonist Sergeant James Heller and his nemesis Alex Mercer. There will also be Blackwatch military figures milling about and the disease-ridden Infected.

Certain scenes from the game will be acted out, with a gruesome and bloody battle between Heller and Mercer making up the centrepiece, and it is this that has prompted Activision to agree to perform it at a  time when it won't melt the minds of children.

"Due to the nature of Prototype 2’s content, the game has been rated by the BBFC and PEGI as certificate 18," said David Tyler, Activision’s Minneapolis Business Unit EU general manager.

"This live action advertisement reflects the game in its hard-hitting, fantasy nature and while we’re excited to bring this new game to our legions of fans, it would be inappropriate for under 18s to view it."

Those who are unable to attend the performance itself will be able to watch the event live on Facebook, as it will be streamed on a dedicated page: However, the same page also states that the advert will be happening in London's Covent Garden, so if you're in the area at 9pm, go and check it out. Pocket-lint has been promised that it will be spectacular.

The game will also be coming for PC on 24 July.

UPDATE: We've now got the the advert in full, complete with making of video. You can watch both below.

UPDATE: The event happened, here are pictures from the night:

Prototype 2 hands-on

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