Samsung has promised to reveal "The Next Galaxy" on 3 May, so the Pocket-lint team look at some of the speculation and rumours surrounding, what is surely, the Samsung Galaxy S III (and not a new chocolate bar).

Plus, the team discuss the new form of credit card that adds contactless payment functionality to every phone, Barclaycard PayTag, Pebble, the prototype e-paper watch that has already racked up over $5 million in fund-raising, and the scarily effective Tupac Shakur hologram that graced the stage at the Coachella music festival and whether it would ever be used for anything else.

Finally, find out why the Linters are so keen on Trials Evolution, Football Manager Handheld and the forthcoming new version of SimCity.

Editor of news and ex-Gamesmaster telly presenter Rik Henderson is joined by editor of features and BBC Radio stalwart Dan Sung, and contributing editor Hunter Skipworth.

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