There are a few subjects that will absolutely split the room, every single time. One that's very high up the list is music taste, and for obvious reasons. It’s extremely subjective and usually very close to most people's hearts.

But in recent years, there’s been a related issue that might've cropped up in your pub table discussions (it certainly has in ours).

It would seem that we’ve reached the point in human evolution where there are two kinds of people: those who have actually physically bought music from an actual physical shop, and those who have only ever downloaded it.

Be warned: if you hit on this topic, it could get heated, so to see happening tomorrow fills those of us of a certain age with a sense of nostalgia and excitement that some people will never, ever understand.

If you’ve never walked in to a proper record shop, you’ve never experienced the sights, or the smells, or the sounds. Or that feeling that everybody's stopped to watch you walk in and then carries on watching until they see which section you head for. An approving nod if you head for indie rock, East Coast hip-hop or rare groove, funk and soul.

A derisive snort if you head straight for the top 40 rack.

Yep, if you never did it, you wouldn’t understand, so tomorrow is your chance to get to a real record shop and experience the uniquely wonderful environment, while you still can. 

This site lists the UK shops taking part and tells you what’s happening. There are some big names getting involved, so if you’re lucky, you could even meet a musical hero or two.

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